Sunday, May 15, 2005!!!

being the idiot that i am, i actually thought fiona was in prison or house arrest or something. anyways...

FREE FIONA!!! is my new battle cry. i totally loved tidal. never is a promise is the best song in the world. her sophomore effort held (not sure if it still holds) the guiness record for the longest title in an album.

so they replaced tony mottola with this total newb andrew lack who knows nothing about music except the sound his idiotic brain makes when he eats cereal. a beautiful album completed may 2003 is now stuck in that stupid sony office because they figured the expense of hyping and promoting it would be higher than the money they get. tough luck, right? good luck, mate! we don't need hyping. that only increases the price of the material! grrr...

so please join me. god knows we need decent music again. can you believe this? it's like the first album was released via WORK which is like sony's baby. they won't even release her via sony itself. it's so pathetic. now they won't release her at all. i signed the petition so you guys should too! i've had enough of tasteless music. :D

naks, music vigilante? next thing you know, i'll be urging you to shave your head and wear sackcloths like they did in the olden days. ahhh... what i'd give to have them back! hahaha

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