De-Lovely is exactly what the title suggests: lovely. Visual poetry at its highest form. Who knew the life of a nondescript composer would be so interesting? But that's what a critic would say. Here's my two cents.

I f-ing cried like a sissy boy. Ashley Judd (Linda Lee) and Kevin Kline (Cole Porter) have little or no chemistry but they bring so much dimension to the story just by being on screen.

As for make-up, they did such a great job on ageing these actors that you can't help wishing the same make-up technology was available for Cunningham when he was making The Hours. Maybe then, Julianne Moore would've been more convincing as an old woman. I'm telling you, Kevin Kline's hands looked so old. It was fantastic.

The soundtrack is absolutely marvelous. Aside from a few potholes though, including a very sub par performance of the title theme from Robbie Williams. My absolute favorite is "Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)" by Alanis Morissette. Sheryl Crow's "Begin The Beguine" scores my favorite scene and really broke heart at the same time. Vivian Green's "Love For Sale" is an absolute gem. Diana Krall and Lara Fabian were easy on the ears, too. When Ashley Judd sings, my heart absolutely breaks. Kevin Kline's singing is pretty average but hey, Cole Porter wasn't really known for his vocal prowess.

There's this scene where Ashely Judd just finds out that she isn't pregnant anymore. (This is where Sheryl Crow comes in.) I cried for the first time in a movie in a long time. It hurts so much to want something so bad for the one you love and when you can't give it, a part of you just dies. Sometimes, it hurts so much that you start to wonder if it's all worth it. Anyways, back to the story, it was like a part of her died along with the baby. Linda Porter is the epitome of selfless love. Up to the very last moment, all she had was Cole's happiness in mind.

You guys seriously have to see this movie. It's reaaallly nice. Guaranteed to make you cry like a sissy boy.

On a less related topic, I finally finished downloading Lindsay Lohan's Speak and it wasn't what I expected. It was worse. Ha ha... I'll try to write a better review but I'm not promising anything. :D

On an even less related topic, this video (which i saw eons ago) is totally funny. You guys have to see how much Alanis Morissette (as "Delicious Morissette") kicks Ashlee's ass. I mean, I love Ashlee and stuff but this is just f-ing genius! See it right here. Turn off all pop-up blockers (google, yahoo, ie) as uses pop-ups to view videos. I swear it's totally worth it. ;D