cleaning my tracks: a clarification post

today marks my (what is it, my fifth?) yeah, i think it's... yeah,

today marks my fifth day at work as a layout artist. i've never had a job this long since i was the house maid a couple of summers ago. at least this one's got pay!

anyways, time to clean clean clean!

i've always wondered how some people find my blog. not find it as in ('how do you find the sauce?' but find as in 'i'm lost and i can't find my way home') aside from the obvious blogger thing you see up there, i always knew (thanks to my stat counter) that there are other means to get to my blog.

i am a fan of the google bar. i swear. that's why i never knew my blog was on Yahoo! because when i'd search for my name on google, there was little or no hits. When I searched for keywords using Yahoo, though. Gawd, my blog showed up everywhere. I regret to inform you Argee but my blog shows up when you write your name and enclose it in quotes. I edited that post (it was the i hate post) so that your whole name won't be there but I guess Yahoo has to update first. Sorry again.

Anyways, i'm not on google at all which is kinda sad since i'm a google bar fan. Google bar fan sounds cheesy. He he he...

So I'm cleaning up my tracks. My post about fantasies is no longer here. BOO! ha ha ha... anyways, here are a few clarifications in case someone yahoo-s their way here.

1. TJ is a perfect gentleman.
2. I have nothing against Hero, Sandara, Arron, MYMP, Kitchie, Luke Jickain, etc.
3. Delta Lambda Sigma is a cool sorority with cooler people.
4. I do not post nude pictures of anybody.

As a fun treat, check this out: This is from my Recent Keyword Activity. Searching these keywords will get you here (although i'm not sure how many pages they had to search through to get inside). This is what people typed to find my blog!:

1. qpids prince charming
2. luke jickain
3. mymp video clips
4. sarag geronimo-scq
5. nude (twice on
6. i hate kitchie
7. kc concepcion
8. friends with stephenie lagrossa
9. about rica peralejo life
10. kitchie nadal nude (my personal favorite! this one's for the history books!)
11. martin jickain

they can only show so much but at one time when i checked it, really kooky stuff like "gym shorts no underwear" and "colin farrell nude" appeared. anyways, if the keywords change, i'll be sure to blog it. :D


  1. wow!!! magcocomment na ako...hehehehe...talagang natetrace mo kung paano sila napunta sa siye mo by google??? ang galing naman!!! anyway, ayos lang 'yung sa name ko...although okey na rin na wala na rito...hehehe...nawawala tagboard mo, hindi ako makapagtag...anyway, hindi ako nakapagcomment doon sa post mo na may changed names in red...hehehehe...the best 'yun!!! fave post ko ýun ...hehehe :) stay happy ha...sorry na rin pala kung erm, nagregress ako...hehehehehe

    - kilala mo na ako...paname-name pa..hehehe

  2. nandyan sya, mas matagal lang magload. bago na kasi eh. mas mabilis ata ung dati. :D

    dont worry about the regress thing. it's normal and everyone went through changes. i guess it's about time you got with the program. :D or maybe it was just the heat. :D


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