burnt chinese garlic

... sounds like a nice artsy-fartsy movie. :D

im at home after about a week of sleeping in wicky's house. the laptop i usually blog on is in the office so im stuck with this vintage thinkpad with crunchy keys and disconnects every fifteen minutes. i feel like im back to using sun again.

meeting grace tomorrow, err in a few hours for sunday school materials. finally talked to jenny about our issues but i didnt tell her everything. she told me everything though.

we ate in rockwell kanina and got sorta spooked by my dad's theatrics. we ate in cafe mediterranean (?) and he was a bit quiet and he would leave the table without excusing himself. he lightened up after a while.

ate dessert in pazzo. green tea ice cream is effing delicious but i was a bit barfy from lunch so i couldnt enjoy it as much.

my face feels so fat. it didnt help that everyone in rockwell seemed to be paper thin. all these rich boys had to take everything even perfect weight. i wanted to barf my lunch but i used better judgement. plus, the johns are probably filled to the brim with rich chinese boys with their fists shoved up their throats. or is it down their throats? can u shove down?

my loneliness lulled me to sleep in the afternoon and i woke up all bloaty and stuff. mom asked me jokingly if i was bulimic and i told her i hate questions like that with matching storm out and door bang. it's not enough i have to struggle with bulimia but now my personal troubles have to be funny, too? it was just too much. wrote like crazy in my journal. believe it or not, im more honest there. this is the press release, that's the real scoop.

the punctuations in this post are elusive. these keys are reaaaaaly crunchy.

everyone, pray for me on the 11th. got a big interview and test to get into a better college. this is what i've been fasting for. (white marquee?)

anyways, my week-long fast ended about yesterday at about 12:20 my first meal wasn't as filling as i expected. maybe i'm getting too old for that.

i hope papa allows me to sleep in wicky's house tomorrow. i read in one of his personal documents that his pain has come back and he fears his tumors are reactivated. this is depressing but he fears he might not live long enough to see my achi's baby gabe.. God, help us all.

what a depressing time to be alone.

postscirpt: cafe mediterranean (?) has a south beach diet menu after they went through all the trouble of printing flyers that the medi diet is better than south beach bec. of all that olive oil. anyways my tummy feels smaller, relatively, when i think about the obscene amount of food i ate there so i guess it's true. you guys, the kebab platter is good for 4 people and is good if you're the adventurous kind. comes with juice and everything. (naks, magadvertise ba daw? hehe)

my spelling is horrible today.

KITTY update. our nine cats are now five. the first two and the fourth casualty died of sore eyes. only one kitten (honey cat) in their batch remains (he's on the template) :c Anita Meow (not sure about the spelling but it's pronounced mewwww), like her chinese namesake Anita Mui, finally met her maker. This young cat who was only recently a new mother to three huge kittens (and did i mention was the last of her batch?) got run over by a heartless motorist about a couple of yards from the garage. she left behind three unnamed kittens who never even saw her cute tabby face. opal's getting kinda crazy. she was running after roaches and rolling over like a puppy dog. what a sad day it is to be a cat. :c