anakin burns up: that's hot!

subtitled: christopher lee is everywhere.

I went against everything I said in my Superman post and watched Revenge of the Sith anyway. It was okay. Some parts were kinda boring. After a while, all those computer generated fight scenes seem to look like the one before it. the 'highly-anticipated' (air quotes) fight scene between darth vader and ob wan (spelling?) was too long and too excruciating. but it was nice to finally get an explanation between episode 2 and 4.

there were these moments that i wanted to bash the scriptwriter's head in. in the early part (that's where the movie's kinda icky. it picks up after a while), anakin, ob wan, and the chancellor dude are on a plane on the verge of breakdown. when the ship loses its bottom half, anakin says "we lost something". the only thing missing is the canned studio laughter. (oooh baracuda!) when they land and it's a bit rough, ob wan says "not a happy landing". ugh, i haven't seen anything so cheesy since ahhhhnold was doing action.

natalie portman was as usual so gorgeous. her crying is really nice on screen although her body looks a little weird since she's supposed to be pregnant but has such a small frame. hayden's acting has improved. maybe working out for the part juiced up his acting skills. his arms are huge. yoda has white hair and he strokes it in one scene. made me wonder, did yoda have hair in episode 1? the chewbaccas (spelling?) are so cute. i didn't know there were so many. plus, i got to see what a clone looks like without the mask. kinda interesting. i didn't know they were human.

the star wars fan in me wants to buy all 6 dvds when they come out in box set so i can reminisce and answer some questions i have about the movie. but i don't think i can sit through yet another elaborate fight sequence. not that they aren't cool but it gets old this fast.

there's one scene at the beginning where they rescue the chancellor. ob wan gets flung across the room and heavy metal (not music) falls on him. the CG effects was reminiscent of the first HP movie when Harry plays quiditch and you can tell it's not really him by the way his body moves. anyways, the rest of the movie is a technological wonder and that's got to mean something.

all in all, i rank it down there with kill bill 2. not really THAT impressive but you just wanna get find out how the story ends.

movies to watch:
1. house of wax (that's hot! hahaha)
2. la visa loca (preliminary impression: has a manufactured hong kong movie feel to it and i don't mind)
3. MADAGASCAR! (for the kid in me)

i wanted to watch house of wax but my friends were really set on seeing ROTS. *sigh*

PS. I wanna thank the Doctor and Evi for those really cool comments. At times when i don't want to admit but know that i need affirmation, it's nice to know that you guys appreciate my writing. *uh oh mush alert*


  1. My son and I love MADAGASCAR. It's one of those movies that we like to have a DVD for keeps like Shrek and Finding Nemo.

    Thanks for the special mention. Thank you for the comments you posted on my blog.

  2. the house of wax is hotter than hot. and u can see Paris die! mwahahaha.

  3. I loved Revenge of the Sith-there was one part that was badly botched, where Anakin is made Lord Vader by the weird Palantine-otherwise it had me engrossed!


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