okay, i've got something to admit. are you ready? here goes: i am an ex-star wars fan.

i can hear it now. the shame, the embrassment, maybe pictures of asthmatic me with dorky hair and glasses will start to resurface and people will finally discover that i am, at heart, the dorkiest guy they've ever met. i've had a fascination / obsession with the force since time immemorial and although i'm glad this obsession has waned, i still cannot deny the fact that i once was a star wars fan.

lately, or ever since episode one let me down, i haven't really cared about star wars anymore. i've tried to feed the gaping hole left by star wars with a number of addicting forms of entertainment: pokemon, batman, as well as some that actually managed to fill said hole: music and the internet. lately, the latter has ushered in a new addiction: superman. my surfing and reading she turned down the role of lois lane made me wonder who they cast as the man of steel and whatever happened to tom welling. (no need to answer that)

okay, superman geeks are kinda weird. in one hand, we're quite an eclectic bunch. most of us are toting around pictures of brandon routh (pronounced south) sporting the new superman costume. (click the picture for an official picture c/o IMDB, unofficial (i'll explain later) c/o a spanish site, some of us have been asking around, testing the waters making sure that people will respond to this new effort. smallville did little to tide me over. it only made me confused about teenage clarky. why is lois lane there? why is he friends with lex? how many people are mutating because of kryptonite?(don't answer those). hemmingways, this new movie has really got me excited. it's coming out in 2006 but i can barely wait. i heard if all this goes well, a string of new superman movies will push into gear. there are a couple of fan pictures circulating the internet with elisha cuthbert as the new supergirl. how exciting. i can't imagine someone who will do a better role!

the downside of this superman flick is kate bosworth. yes, i know, she's orlando bloom's ex but not many people remember that she too is an actress. remember blue crush? okay, maybe she's not a great actress but an actress nonetheless. her casting as lois lane is kind of embarassing since lois has always figured me as smart and a natural brunette. kate bosworth may have dyed her hair brown but my mind will always be set on her surfing the waves with blonde hair. plus, natalie portman is both smart (she has a psych degree... from HARVARD) and has been a brunette her whole natural life. No, her hair really isn't pink (for idiots who watched but could not fathom Closer). maybe the new movie will change my mind about Kate Bosworth. preliminary pictures from seems promising. Maybe not.

Has anyone noticed that the lois lanes have been decreasing in quality ever since Teri Hatcher left the spot. I mean, there have only been two (1 officially) after her. You know what i think about katie and that girl from smallville seems like a tramp to me. she reminds me of a slutty version of jessica alba which is disturbing since lois never seemed like a "homegirl" to me.

kevin spacey is the new lex luthor and all i can say is 'nuff said. he's so perfect for the role. he's smart and creepy at the same time.

brandon routh, like i said, will play the man of steel. casting a virtual unknown is so cool because then, they can be rid of people judging the new movie based on the actor's previous work. plus, if the film had been shot in '94 like it was supposed to, Nicolas Cage (ewwwwww...) would've been superman. like most superman films, this has been very tedious and people involved in the movie come and go like destiny's child members.

anyway, everyone agrees brandon will be the next big thing. not like when they were saying hayden christensen was the next big thing (but now isn't) but really, this guy's the juice. there are so many coincindences that are so cool. this one's my fave: christopher reeve died on his birthday. how creepy is that? he was also clark kent in a halloween party last year. that's when the picture above was taken. other similar pictures are everywhere on the internet, including some hilarious and some downright gorgeous fan-made superman pictures.

i was looking him up online because he seemed vaguely familiar. he's on the verge of stardom and the first step has begun: they have cleared up his online tracks. his website now looks professional and they've deleted his friendster account. there were a couple of lucky bastards who went to brandon's (BJ for short haha close?) website before the makeover and they said his online journal made him seem like a small star on the verge of greatness. that sounds (to me at least) like he was probably very excited and wrote all about his experiences online, much to the dismay of the studio. any form of honesty and those guys bail. seriously, that sounded kinda cute.

hemmingways again: turns out, he was in will and grace and the gilmore girls. he was basically an extra in both shows but it was kinda cool. i was watching will and grace kanina and it was the episode where will gets a sort of sugar daddy (SD). the guy gets offended after will accuses him of that because it was apparently not true. he's just really generous with his friends. they meet at a party and the SD is with a new *ahem* "friend" named Sebastian who was donning the exact same outfit SD bought will a couple of days before that. Sebastian was tall but his face was towered with a cowboy hat. well, i think you know where this is going. I had a little hunch it was brandon but i wasn't sure. i've been superman hunting all weekend and i know nga that he was in w&g but i've never had a reason to blog about all this. until of course i looked up BJ routh on IMDB and confirmed his role as Sebastian. (click here to see a picture. we superman fans are quite resourceful!) such news, i think, bears blogging! imagine, superman in will and grace!

he's unusually tall and freakishly pale but my mom said "gwapo" the moment he saw'rd him. i think it's kinda cool how one guy can go from W&G extra to superman. coolness. :D

addictions to feed: gotta save enough money to buy superman goodies in 2006. wanna know what the new movie is about. ha ha... what did i tell you about us superman fans being resourceful? This is from

The new "Superman" adventure has been in production in Australia since mid-March. Instead of an origin story, the film will focus on the Man of Steel's return to Earth after an absence that has allowed former love Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) to move on to a new man (James Marsden). Besides realizing that Lois is fine without him, Superman discovers everyone else on Earth has coped as well. To redeem himself, our hero embarks on an epic journey to save his adoptive world from destruction.
Coolness. I can hardly wait. They say the movie will probably shoot until August. A lot of directors dropped out, including McG of Charlie's Angels fame and after watching Big Fish, my fave director Tim Robbins. Bryan Singer who was responsible for making the X-Men franchise such a hit dropped out of X3 to be a part of the Superman team. The film tentatively known as "Superman Returns" (aka Superman V and in one site is 'Untitiled') will be released summer (US) of 2006 but i seriously think they'll push it back further. hello, it's a film that has been casting for eons, spent even more time in pre-production. (click here for superman V history including past directors, cast, etc.) go figure how post-prod will do.

PS: I still think Natalie is a better Lois.

Lessons learned this week: The only thing worse than realizing the train has left you behind is knowing the train was waiting for you the whole time. My saturday date (girl who frequents my blog on staurdays, girl that song is about...) is now my best friend again. If you really love someone, you have to be willing to accept it if she won't be happiest with you. you can be a f*ing masochist like me and eve help her iron the wrinkles out with the person that can seriously make her happy.

Here's a picture of me and my sister in Taco Bell. I was wearing a new shirt because Sunday School left baby spit, sweat, and juice on my T-shirt. It's really small but the price tag says LARGE. when i asked my sister, she said she got it from the kiddy section. Ha ha... who cares. i seem to have the ill-concieved notion that it looks good on me. :D there's my sister: wanna be tokyo pop-star.

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