This is the first time! Ha ha ha!

Note: If you hate nitpicking or if you think I ruin movies, don't read! Go HERE instead and read about bookstores! (I'm advertising!)

Ha ha... As I was blogging around, I realized everyone's been reviewing the movies they've seen recently. I saw two movies today and I guess I'm feeling a bit... let's just say I'm still reeling from the two movies and the laughter and everything that I miss about my HS friends.

I'm going to post a picture when the movie review starts (I'm going to tell you about the things we did pre and post movie first) so if you're not interested with the boring details of my day, y'all can feel free to @#$% (just kidding!) scroll down and stuff.

Argee picked us (Carlo and I) up from the KFC near my house. I didn't feel like commuting to Galleria (since that entails crossing EDSA and stuff) so I totally smooched on him last night into taking his car. To our collective disappointment (mostly mine though), they didn't have the movie *ahem* that I REALLY wanted to see. We had to walk all the way to Megamall just to see "it".

No, "it" is not a clown. Ha ha ha!

We looked around Tower for a bit, mostly because we passed through to get inside. The nice part about being in Megamall: at least we got to eat in El Pollo Loco (The Crazy Chicken)! Yum!

FINAL WARNING: Y'all can think what you want. I'm standing by every word of this post. And the movie is... drum roll please! CAN THIS BE LOVE!!! Ha ha ha! I'm not kidding! The following is a Can This Be Love movie review. Oopsies, I shouldn't forget the last character of the movie's title: Ü

INSERT PICTURE. The movie starts off a bit slowly. Sound quality was a bit sharp around the S's and T's. Picture quality was typical for a Filipino movie.

Music scoring was a mess. In a scene, the music starts to swell then ends quickly as the scene segues. New music comes in and I'm like "okay now". They played "In or Out" so that was a bit crazy. Sarah Geronimo has been my last song syndrome all day. They played Kitchie Nadal and MYMP too.

Voice dubbing was crazy. They probably figured no one would notice but I did. Sometimes when Ryan's (Hero Angeles) back is facing the camera, you can see his lips are protruding when he's supposed to be not talking. There was one scene where Daisy's (Sandara Park) saying something but her lips were moving to different words. Enough with the technical aspects!

Setting's a bit messy in certain parts. Mostly though, it was shot in Recto. Hero Angeles plays Ryan Palisoc, a nursing student from Arellano University. Y'all are probably asking why I know this. Argee was asking what school Ryan goes to so in one scene, I strained to check his nursing ID. Sandara Park plays Hea (not sure about that name) but her English name was Daisy. There are so many confusing plots like nationalism and racism, love and hate but the basic plot running was love between two nations.

The movie is basically one major flashback. Daisy is reminiscing her time spent with Ryan as she was going through a box of memorabilia's (tickets, greeting cards, flowers, that kind of sh*t) as each scene came to life.

Ryan works part time as a term paper typist and he is tasked to type a paper written illegibly and with, apparently, poor grammar (although I doubt he would've figured the difference seeing as he's... ahem...) and aside from that, it was about the bad aspects of being a Filipino. The paper was under a Korean name (y'all can probably see where this is going) so it ticked him off to see a foreigner insulting the very blood that runs through his veins.

On the other side of the story, Daisy just got a new cellphone from her ridiculously rich father so she has to sell her old phone. Ryan's phone, a beat up 3210 held together by strips of tape, is in dire need of replacement. He texts her and they arrange that Daisy will put the sale on hold for one week, until Ryan can come up with the money.

Providing another angle, albeit cliché, three (air-quotes) "popular" girls like calling Daisy ugly in public. Their leader looks like Kitchie Nadal, incidentally. What's funny is they seem like (that is, their character would be) the type who would park their fat asses in Starbucks for three hours but instead they hang out in food courts. They seem like the type who would only hang out in Makati or Eastwood like the other pretentious shmucks of our generation but like Daisy, they roam the streets of Recto. They walk, too, unafraid of being held up at gun point and stuff. But enough about them.

When Ryan finally gives the term paper he typed and edited, Daisy is furious. He changed the details like when she said "Filipinos like to sing. Even when they have something to do, they still sing" he typed "Filipinos are fun loving and love music". I'd be furious, too.

You’d expect Ryan to be such a nationalistic prick like the scholar he is. He defends the Philippines like the Koreans are about to invade us. But then he reveals that while his "diploma is hot", he plans on migrating to the US. Huh. That's... strange. Inconsistent.

Anyways, the scene where he finally realizes that the girl with the phone and the girl with the term paper are one and the same is actually funny. He argues with Daisy until she is teary-eyed and Ryan's boss has to give her a discount. Blah blah. He refuses to retype in time for Daisy's deadline because he has to meet her about the phone. By then, they've become pretty close. When Daisy got robbed early in the story, she sends a sad text to Ryan (accidentally, of course). They start texting endlessly.

Back to the story. He calls her up and then Daisy's phone rings. Surprise surprise, they're standing in the same place. She gives him the phone. He gives her the money and they vow never to see each other again.

But they do and they fall in love. Yeah yeah. Blah Blah. (Bitter?)

Daisy meets his (Ryan's) relatives (featuring a pathetic Pia Moran trying hard to speak English. She's supposed to be from London) and they all have jobs abroad. When it comes to the time when Ryan meets Daisy's uncle, things don't go as smoothly. He gets food poorly with his chopsticks and complains about how spicy the kimchi is. Duh.

He's a poor scholar from Pangasinan. He studies in an averagely priced school and as a scholar (duh) he's not paying tuition. He earns below minimum wage via a typing job AND he just shelled out P5000 for a phone. But they still eat in Figaro and watch movies in Ayala. He insists on paying for food, probably irked by his dorm mates who think Koreans are some kind of money pot. I've known a few Koreans in my lifetime and they aren't anything if they aren't frugal. Anyways, they (Ryan and Daisy) fight over the most mundane things like who pays for what and stuff. Ryan explains that a guy has to pay for dates. Daisy says friends don't count money. Ouch. What a sad and not to mention painful way of finding out you're not dating. Show Biz answer? We're just friends! :D

Arron (apparently, that's how it's spelled) from SCQ II plays a minor role as Eugene Domingo's (who happens to be a girl!) nephew awaiting a petition from the States. When he says he doesn't want to go to the States, she asks why then is he so obsessed with hip-hop. Uh oh. Big mistake. First of all, he was wearing a beaded necklace with wooden doobie in the middle. Baker alert. I'm not sure if he was wearing Baller Bands but nothing about him seemed hip-hop(py). I mean, have y'all seen this chap? He looks like he couldn't hurt a fly! Sorry Eugene but his accessories and his exterior say otherwise.

Eugene Domingo is a Filipino History professor but her movie wardrobe consists of one duster after another. She's there in the morning, afternoon, and evening. What kind of professor is that? Call me crazy but aren't professors supposed to be in school? She's currently employed, as revealed by one conversation with Ryan. The world happens to be stuck on a Saturday (although Ryan had night classes).

Roxanne Guinoo was superb in her small role. Their (Joross and her) story is so boring and cliché that I really don't wanna go into detail. But basically, she ate and ate and ate. Streetfood, carinderia, banana cue, beer, name it. Joross and Roxanne ate it. Ha ha... I nearly puked. I was already stuffed. I remember even telling Argee there had better not be food in that movie or I'd really be all barfy and stuff.

Some highlights: The infamous trailer scenes are hilarious. I must've watched those a gazillion times but they still made me smile. The editing in one scene where she's dancing and he's watching a couple dancing in the streets is epic-esque.

Some downsides, money has made both Hero Angeles and Joross Gamboa fat. Awww... says the boy rumored to have bulimia! Hero gains weight, eliminating the need to layer five articles of clothing (he's down to two now) and Joross' nipples stick out like crazy. His backside bulges too. What a letdown from a self-proclaimed abs guy.

The ending, oops, I spoke too soon. Daisy's father forces her to break up with Ryan and go home to Korea. She tells him and he totally explodes and pushes her away saying GOODBYE at record-breaking persistence. In one scene, she managed to say "SLOWLY" and "YOU'RE HURTING ME!!!" in two languages and no one thought it sexual, until now of course. Ha ha...

Anyways, she stays to finish the semester. I guess now that she's broken up with him, going home doesn't seem as urgent. Ryan doesn't know this of course. It was Roxanne and Joross who spotted her at the mall. After a scene with a teary-eyed Tirso Cruz III involving alcohol (disappointed, I thought they were going to a strip joint after he asked them how old the kids were), Ryan decides he must at least say goodbye.

What's funny is that it is assumed that Daisy went against her father by staying in the Philos and in effect, she's fighting for her love but when you think about it, she just wanted to learn English and finish the semester. You don't believe me? She said so herself while she was crying in Eugene's counsel. She wasn't fighting. She just didn't want to waste her time and money on a half-baked education!

Ryan, also crying over lost love, chooses to do so in a spot where EVERYONE in his dorm can see: the front steps. VERY MANLY AND LEADING-MAN LIKE! (I can just hear Argee scolding me for being so closed minded and stereotypical). Movies are the playground of stereotypes!

He meets her before she goes to the airport and in a scene as cheesy as hell, they manage to part ways without saying goodbye but at least they get to say 'I love you' in two languages! Ha ha... As I was saying "at least they don't have a cheesy, sugary, everything-magically-falls-into-place ending but then I spoke too soon. The last scene where there were actually people, she was (but not really) saying goodbye. Then, a montage of pictures via a scrapbook reveals that Ryan went to Korea to join her when his "diploma was still hot". (The pictures were obviously recycled from their SCQ shoot.) They get married in 2009. Wait a second, what happened to Daisy's uptight relatives?!? The ones who disapprove of their love?! Aaaargh! SUGARY!!!

I was surprised to see many careers desperately being revived. Pia Moran was there. So was Dennis Padilla. That fat chick from Berks (who goes to my college and is the best friend of my HS batchmate) was there. So was Ketchup and this guy who's so forgettable, I just did. He played one of the kids in Tanging Ina. I totally forgot his name. The one with the trick or treat/retreat. Aargh!

Believe it or not, I enjoyed the movie. I expected a bit too much but I wasn't disappointed nor am I regretting spending P82 on it. Six (of ten) buckets of popcorn for this one.

After the movie, I was a bit irked when Maui said I was acting like his dad, being all nitpicky and how I "ruined the movie" for everyone else. I slowly warmed up to him after that although I was a bit harsh over coffee.

We were supposed to meet up with Francis but he had class until 7 so we had coffee in Gloria Jean's (or rather Argee had coffee. I had the most sour, overpriced mango shake ever), talked about Carlo's vanity and then we decided to watch The Interpreter. I liked it. It's the kind of movie that makes you think and keeps you guessing till the end. It wasn't predictable all though I did have the impression that the ending was going to happen. When you watch it, watch out for Nicole Kidman's hair. It's supposed to be messy but the degrees of messiness change within seconds. Ha ha...

No detailed review for The Interpreter. Argee bought my ticket so I don't want to be an ingrate. There wasn't much to nitpick anyways.

We met up with Francis and ate dinner in KFC then Argee had coffee in Figaro. We all bought these mutated Powerpuff Girls button pins that we were eyeing last time (when they watched Sahara). I was a bit disappointed though when Carlo refused to put it on... :( Anyways, we all laughed like crazy people. The prudish guard from (I forget what that area in Galleria is called. The overpriced tiangges) that place was eyeing us in a bad way. It still didn't stop us from howling like wolves, doing parodies of Destiny's Child and basically acting like we were high on drugs. *we weren't... for the record*

I decided today not to say anything if it's nasty or tactless. Ha ha... good luck! I will be mysterious! Ha ha ha... I can't imagine! Argee was real honest that I can get out of hand at times. Sometimes, even I feel that. It's kind of like word vomit (Mean Girls reference) and I can't really help it. I need to keep my mouth shut.

Argee brought us home and we're going to UP tomorrow. Anyways, I'm a bit tired. I've been babbling for four pages now. Let's save some space for tomorrow! :D