just woke up

had ube ice cream for breakfast. eyes are a bit swollen. last night was crazy, wasn't it? i'm glad i'm feeling a little bit better now. gawsh, who knew i had so much hate in me? i mean even as i was listening to mraz to sleep, i still had hate thoughts. i hate this for this. i hate that for that. this morning, i was too tired to see where jenny and i lie. i shall reside in my own world today, kinda like when mariah went cuckoo and wouldn't show her piano to mtv cribs. i'll be aloof.

the thing, the err... the thing that i have to go to is at 11 and i'm still unbathed and silently wallowing. pepper is listening to my noisy holly valance cd.

currently listening to: a noisy holly valance cd
current mood: wallowy and depressed
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