it's official. i am addicted to the internet.

it's crazy. one minute i was a normal person. breathing, sleeping, eating, BATHING

now all i wanna do is go online. i blog several times a day. i download songs like crazy. my hard drive is killing me. my hands are burnt because this laptop gets hot like crazy. my blog is so pretty because i spent extra time on it. my email inbox is always 0 because i check it every ten minutes. whatever happened to the times when i'd check and there'd be like a gazzilion messages inside?

and no one's ever online.

i mean people are but they're always on sms like sms was a drug or something. i mean isn't that crazy? 'i'm on sms'. hahahaha

the people who ARE online though are either too busy or to boring to talk to. save for a few people who rock of course.

i'm the last bulletin poster in friendster and to think i posted two bulletins with like five hours interval. hahaha

i've read jason mraz's blog, carlo's blog, and checked the friendster account of everyone i know.

oh crap, not another addiction to feed. :(

PS (to roehl) i've been looking around friendster bulletins. hahaha congratulations on EIC-ship. hahaha make sure you have fun in what you're doing. if you play your cards right, you could walk away with more than just fellow writers. look at our tanglaw batch. save for a few people, we're literally bonded for life and i hope your batch gets the same opportunity. :D ugh, cheese alert. can somebody hit me in the head with a cleaver now?