her name was ____ but i didn't hear her right the first time we met. that was at a swimming pool in wicky's condo. her friends called her jo but i called her zoe. she said she was 19, she turned out to be 24. she used to live on the 21st floor.

since then, i've called her blondie when she bleached her head and elevator girl after an *ahem* incident. i've called her my favorite mistake and the person who broke me, my sister from long ago, my best friend, the person who stole my youth.

she moved far far away and i never saw her again. never. not even one last time.

now they've moved beside her old apartment. my heart aches when i remember all the things that transpired inside that small room with a fantastic view. i sit here recalling those moments when i was outside myself, playing with my emotions, not knowing i could get hurt. i stood in front of the doorway wondering who lives there now. will our memories remain in those four walls? has she forgotten about me?


  1. aww... sad..
    at least something transpired between you two.. it just means you're a likeable person..
    and at least you learned something from this, right? : )
    who knows what the future holds........?

  2. wow, she was lucky..i only get to read about you..she knew you.
    *sigh* geographical barriers..i hate 'em



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