Saturday, March 26, 2005

absolutely sunkissed

the beach did me well. i thought it absolutely sucked at first, that goes without saying... something about purple bamboo huts (yes, they exist...) and ongoing videoke wars... they can really burst a boy's balloon...

but something happened in the beach... no, i didn't pee but i've got a sneaking suspicion half the people there were. though our cottage was quite expensive, the cabanas, (which they spelled with an enye *too lazy to look it up in character map*) weren't, thus filling aguila resort with hobos, homos, and fuckwits with no tune.

but again, something happened in the beach. for the first time in my eighteen years of existence, i learned to float! gasp!!!

hahahaha! now, i'm absolutely sunkissed and unlike my other vacations, i'm happy with my color. although my sister said my back looks like a scrotum. how would she know... hahahaha... i'll be posting some pictures in a few days...

mang domeng is going to help me get into UP... he said all i have to do is get an average of 1.75. my average last sem was about 1.8 and so i'm really praying for a miracle. i'm usually not outwardly religious because i'm afraid people might typecast me as the religious born again but at times like these, i've nothing but my faith to cling to.

good night... sweet dreams... i've been a good boy for three days now... wonder how long i can keep it up.


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  1. hey, there, nylimbus! mosta, nognog! heehee..i proudly inform u dt 2day i have done nothing more than surfin the net but gettin nowhere save for other people's blogs and your *bestfriend's friendster acct (remember d airhead we left?)if you want some great entertainment, go read his profile; if you want to barf (svng u frm doing d task of "fingering" ur throat)chek out his photos...nga pla, nanood dn ako kung fu hustle bsyds mag-OL.u may chek out d blog im sharing wd monts(altho aku lage post at nagkocomment cia lge)