quitters never win and winners never quit

blah blah blah...

today, i complete phase 2 of my quitting EJ. i deleted all files that i made, including last sem's layout, the logos, etc. i might have to call the publishing house so that they delete their copies too.

i'm going to talk to ate dich and ate debbie since i feel like their my mothers here. i don't like ate debbie as much as before. something's changed. something that i cannot restore. as for ate dich, god knows she's never around.

tomorrow, i'm going to clean out my locker, bring home my speakers, and remove the YM lan settings.

i'm quitting because of politics. i'm quitting because of pushed deadlines. i'm quitting because i don't want to be surrounded by idiots. i'm quitting because i'm not happy. artisitically, i've plateaued. so many articles get published because the board likes the author or the EIC finds her pretty. never mind that the article is mindless, he can't tell the difference.

plus there's all this politics. i mean, right now if i weren't quitting, i would know that two years from now, i'll be EIC. that's how thick the politics in this place is. next year, it's debbie and then after that it's me. everybody knows that. right now, i consider myself to be among the most competent in the staff but it doesn't matter. our EIC was put there because he's been here the longest. never mind that he can't spell grinch or that he uses flowery words that don't make sense. he wrote a dependent clause and disguised it as a flowery sentence. it's all a bunch of bullshit.

plus i hate the student council and everybody's chummy with them here. this fat guy named joe hung out in our office totally unsupervised for about an hour. he left, locking the office and leaving his CDs so we'd all know he's coming back. he played a game of chess with himself, left the pieces with a note to the EIC. he's (our EIC) been begging everyone to play and now he's got joe. the letter's so plethoric... just like his poetry which he left as a form of gratitude... here it is, totally verbatim.

The sparks of the comet flashes at every place
The neverending emptiness of space
That surrounds us each day
That is so far away

Brilliant comets that roam the galaxy
As a traveler on a long journey
When it passes one day
just a blink of the eye it'll fade away

It is close, so close as ever
How these heavenly beings shine
That we cannot reach and ponder
Truth that we must accept and incline

Don't take it for granted nor let it slip away
Keep this in your memories these words I say;
Like serene field, lovely twinkles, and sweet breeze
"Nothing gold can stay…"


way to plaigarize frost...

i hate this... i hate the people and i hate the work so i'll just leave. what's sad is the two things i'll miss in the office is the free internet and the locker space...

there was a time when i thought i could really change the way things are going but now, i find myself wrapped up in the same system that i wanted to combat. i need to get some decent sleep at night and being here prohibits me from doing so. so i guess i'll just leave.



  1. good thing you did leave..
    reading your posts about your workplace kind of makes me want you to leave also..haha!
    is it weird?? it's all in God's plan..


  2. It was actually a school paper but yeah, same banana. I left but I came back when all the bad ones graduated. :)

  3. ahah..my bad..it was a school paper pala. tsk3

  4. When I came back, my past actions haunted me. wtf


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