Friday, January 14, 2005

the council meets the education journal...

today marks the day i met the staff of my ex-org. they were so confused. it turns out, erwin fed them all this bullshit on me and debbie being such perfectionists and having unrealistic standards. that was supposedly the reason why we quit.

i met ronald and alex from cesc and they completely changed my outlook on the council. right now, i learned that they're not the assholes i had them made up to be. they're actually nice people who aren't so angas once you get to know them. they're really cool and they shared the same point of view in terms of cy and joe (yeah, the same joe who wrote that poem) -- that they're... oh well, maybe next time.

i'm glad this day happened. it makes me feel like i've got a place in the college. they even said they didn't know that the layout was a soloish effort and so they were congratulating the wrong person (erwin). in the first place, what they didn't know is that i would've made that layout regardless of who the eic is so i hope he (erwin) doesn't get any wrong ideas of personal greatness. i feel like i've got a purpose... that i somehow racked things up in the college.

they say the members of EJ who also happened to be members of the council are forming a faction against the incumbent council. it was then that they supposedly formulated the idea that EJ was a force to reckon with. so they made it seem like EJ was their ammunition... their main argument against the current council... but then why would they do that when they had nothing much to do with EJ in the first place. none of them got printed in the first EJ and most of them work for courier (news dept.). how dare they use EJ when they had nothing to do with its change... i told them (ronald and alex) not to worry because the next EJ will be different... i'll be sure of it. i'll make sure it'll be damned if i'm not in it. (yabang! hehehe)

i'm going to excert my right to the copyright of the layout, logo, and all of my intellectual property in terms of layout. i really want them to feel how much they need debbie and i.

dc wrote us a letter and it just proved how much bullshit erwin's been feeding them. if ever i do come back, it'll be out of pity. who's going to lead them next? cy? oh please... you've heard of 'blind leading the blind'? try 'dead leading the dead'...

okay, gotta go. i swear i'll tell the cute story i promised you next time. :D

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