Friday, November 26, 2004

i hate makati

this is the story of how i ended up in the middle of makati wearing an old t-shirt, old gym shorts, a pair of slippers, and (most importantly) no underwear!

this is a long story and i'll try my best to explain it the best i can without sounding like a pervert exhibitonist. it started the day oil was invented and people used it to make gasoline for cars. now oil is very hard to come by now and since the demand grows, the price does too. people can't afford gas now so they decided to start this thing called a 'transport holiday'. because there was a 'transport holiday' yesterday, i spent all morning watching dvds that i was previously too busy to watch.

sometime between "white oleander" and "laws of attraction", i realized i was wearing my last pair of underwear! i rushed to the room, no longer interested in pierce brosnan and julianne moore's lack of chemistry. i gathered all my underwear, INCLUDING the one i was currently wearing (HEY i was at home! what do u expect?) and went to the laundry area.

so at about 5:30, my sister jenny called my dad to pick her up. usually, when this happens, my dad goes up to me and asks me if i want to join him. who wouldn't want to be stuck in a hot (no air-con at the back) van for several hours on an empty stomach, saddling conversation with a man who is bitter half the time? WOW! LOADS OF FUN!!! i usually find an excuse to weasel out of it but this time was different. i had no work or assignments to do. i told him i haven't bathed and he said it was okay since we were, under no circumstances, going to leave the van.

we got there at 6:30 and things weren't as bad as i thought. we stopped by pan de manila to get pandesal and we talked about stuff. i even ran out of stuff to say so i just told him how michelle, the most conservative singer in Destiny's Child/gospel singer was touching her breasts in the new video. it was kinda creepy. she even bared here tummy in the website. the traffic was so horrible. we felt like we parked and moved and parked and moved again and again. jenny wasnt there yet at that time so we had to circle the block several times. it was so exasperating. on our third time, papa asked me to come down. now, that was the thing i feared the most. not only was i in flip flops and a terrible outfit (did i mention the shorts were red?), i also had no underwear! the cool breeze was sending me all the wrong signals as i alighted. he told me to buy credit so we could text her. the only store accesible to us was a 7-11 that until then, i considered sacred. it was the branch that me and my high school friends raided one early morning (grad ball) and i was there, in my ridiculous outfit fearing the worst. i was kinda relieved to see that most of the people in that store were wearing the same ensemble (t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops). but the feeling morbidly passed as i realized i was sharing the space with construction workers. AAAAARGH! i wanted to leave but the credit i bought still wasn't there! so after several moments more of morbid shame, i finally gave up.

when i left the store, i was in a rut. the store that i thought was so precious now lost its novelty. papa was there and i got in the van. he was yelling and i told him i didn't get load. by this time, he had circled the block two more times so his rage was building. when jenny called my cell at about 7, i told her i would wait for her outside her building.i just wanted to be out of the vehicle so he wouldnt scream anymore.

when papa finally picked us up, he was quiet. jenny was famished as she ate her rice and adobo. i was soooo hungry but i couldnt tell her. i slept, feeling embarassed. after all, even though you could cut the warm tension in the air that night with a knife, i was still cold because... my underwear was still in the wash! GAWD!

to be continued...


  1. hehehe... 7-11 is a sacred place?? it's a public store.. :)
    and yeah.... i don't know what branch of 7-11 that is because i WASN'T at the gradball.... :(

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  3. im sad it was a little bad for you... next time you travel alone without your dad and without your underwear... it's fun!

  4. "travel alone without your dad and without your underwear... it's fun!"

    haha will do (actually have done) haha so will do again!

  5. i was scanning the 2004-2005 posts, but I cannot find the second part of this one. :\

  6. I don't think I ever got to write it. lol