Friday, October 15, 2004

something awful happened

my last post didn't appear in the listing! argh! after all that... :( anyways, i'm not particularly swayed and i'll tell my story again. hopefully, it'll have more structure this time.

i hope it appears anyway... if it does, at least this post is more detailed in the explanation of the movies.

the festival is called pelicula pelikula and we went to the first screening which was at two. the movie was called ana y los otros (ana and the others) and it was the most gawdawful movie ever. i think the only movie that compares to it is mano po (which was an insult to the filipino and chinese race, both of which i am partially a part of). it was watching ana come home from buenos aires and basically borderline stalking her boyfriend. it was soooooo boring. when she finally meets the guy after 80 minutes of total boredom, the end credits role and i swear i just could not believe it. i was like "are u sure it's over? maybe we should stick around till the credits end!" they did and so did the movie. it was 80 minutes of my life that i wasted and shall never get back again.

the good thing was we had about an hour or so to burn before the next flick so i was able to eat in popeye's with carlo and go shopping. was able to buy a cute soundtrack mp3 cd. it has... excuse me while i get it... confessions of a teenage drama queen, the prince and me, spiderman 2, kill bill 2, love actually and u got served (ew). there....

the next flick was el vieja del carol (carol's journey and noooo not the disposable underpants). it was sort of kiddy in nature. it was about this kid who went to spain with her mother. they used to be from new york but they decided to come home. the mother ultimately revealed she went home to die. kinda morbid. along the way, she meets a lot of friends who risk everything, even life for her sake. carol's mom looked a lot like cherie gil. i've been saying it over and over while the movie played. it turns out they must be far relatives since her last name was gil too.

on the way home, i super hurried and i had to take a jeepney from quezon avenue to city hall. it's not that i mind but it's reeeeealy hot and i didn't want to be sweaty in time for cell (prayer meeting). when i got here, sis cecille and her son mark were already here. i really wanted to be kinda close to mark since he's really nice and we always see each other in church but never really greeted each other. cell was a bit slow. we were talking about things that we already discussed before. the merienda portion was so much better. we talked about anything and me, mark, and paolo (ortiz) picked on teppy. she threatened to tell them the story of me pooping my barney briefs in disneyland (9 years ago!) so i just shut up. hello! i wasn't even ten yet! i guess that's excusable (right?) anyways, i'm glad mark and i are friends since now i can honsetly greet him in church. i'm not the kind who greets people i don't know (at least not whole heartedly greet them) unless i really know them. so there... it was fun. paolo has a new tattoo which i'm a bit scared of. mark has a new job in trend micro (makers of pc-cillin) and this was probably the last time he can attend cell (awwww...) anyways, i guess it's all good since he can finally stop the whole pambansang alalay thing he has going on for him.

i just refreshed my blog. the post is there na but i'll post it anyway. thanks again candlemaker. how did u get a hold of my blog anyway? hope u visit my site too! i like online friends, i do!

oh before i forget, today i bought a kubing in a tiangge (thrift store) and it's so cool. it's the little bamboo thing that you place at the opening of your mouth and then you flick it and it makes a cute rubbery noise. it's so nice! :D

well, that's it. this is my 3rd post today. got to sleep early since i want to go jogging tomorrow!

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