Wednesday, October 27, 2004

like water for chocolate

good book. i read it within one day. i picked it up and never put it down.

so my one year search for the dvd ended today. after searching high and low, i finally found it in this place called video 45. i had to pay P500 as a refundable deposit which i can get when i return it. to my horrors, it was a bootleg copy. amazing how one pirated dvd can elude you for so long. i watched it and it was sooooooo horrible. marco leonardi who was a god in cinema paradiso could not act for shit. i guess marco fans only like it for the thirty second shot of his peepee (omg, did i just say peepee?) horrible movie. it was so depressing how i've searched far and wide for this movie only to find it now and in such horrible light. the sound was cheesy. i felt like i was stuck in a mexican telanovela. the girl looked like an uuuugleeee version of vanessa carlton and paula cole. lots of the important elements from the book somehow got cut out. i said "laura esquivel must be pissed off right now" and then i found out she did the screenplay and i was like.. grrr.....

so that was it... bought a prescripto cologne this afternoon. was considering hugo boss or clinique happy for men. i figured happy was just too common. hugo boss smells generic... wonder if fake perfume has pheromones.

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