Monday, October 18, 2004

i <3 puto bung-bongs! (at the center of learning pt.2)

hi freaky folks! i just got home from such a hectic day! let's start at the very beginning because... it's a very good place to start!

in the morning, carlo's insessant calling woke me up at about five am. i have a special profile on my cellphone for when i'm sleeping. there is no message alert tone so it only vibrates but the ringing tone is set to the highest volume. that way, when people call my cel to wake me up, they'll do so. but this particular morning, i wasn't supposed to be up that early. i finally got up and i called him up and i was surprised he wasn't prepping up or anything. he was just there, content to waking me up i guess..

cameron came along. no, not from myspace. he was my classmate in high school. after aero, he and i jogged a bit. then we went home and i went to school...

today was jem's last day in our house. she left for cavite this morning and she texted me this afternoon. she was probably bored. it was a cheesy prank. she texted me "hi, this is jasmine trias, can i be your textmate?" which reminded me of the prank we played on her when we were kids when we called the house from our neighbor's place to ask if she could be our phonepal. she bit the bait and we were laughing hysterically.

when i got to the EJ office, kuya rhyan, ate dich, cyrus, and ate debbie were all there. kuya erwin was also there too but i didnt see him when i got there. we layouted(?) all day long. actually, no. we chatted all morning amidst corrections and hurried deadlines. when it was time for lunch, we went to kenny rogers looking for the P199 chicken. the place was packed so we went next door to mcdonald's. the place was soooo hot and we all felt like eating chikinjoy! so we went across the street to jollibee and we ate to our heart's content. on the staircase, we saw a painting of different joliibee food against a cubist background. we got the idea for our table of contents with this. when it's through, i'll post it here, okay?

so at about 6-ish to 7-ish, we decided to go home. monds, ate (d)ebbie's boyfriend was downstairs and i wasn't really worried about the laptop in my bag or anything until they talked me into getting scared silly. ate ebbie said she wanted monds and her to wait for me till i got a ride home. kuya monds said it's dangerous and that he doesn't want me to get held up like what happened to him before. i got scared and i hurriedly rode an fx bound for SM north. i had to take two rides. i felt kind of rude since i really left early and hurried. i wonder if they thought i was rude.

in sm north, i contemplated on buying a mister donut. i instead bought a puto bung-bong in the city hall tiangge. it was so delicious. after eating dinner, i called ate ebbie to make sure i wasn't rude or anything. this day is so productive. hope there can be more like it.

current worry: the dominic james P35,000 sponsored photography shoot is on thursday and i still can't do situps due to my tailbone injury.


i <3 puto bung-bongs!
heart, nyl :D


  1. gas...wrong spelling ang bumbong mo..harharhar...reading your poetry reaffirms my insight that you'd be a good songwriter...

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