Saturday, October 23, 2004

after fifty million years nanaman!

wow... i've been so into my work as a staffer that i've neglected my blog! gasp!!!

well, let me give you a recap of what happened these past few days.

last tuesday, i got to school at about 9:20 and there was nobody inside. i was so friggin bored that i sat outside the office door and started working right then and there. debbie finally arrived at about 10-ish and we fiddled around the EJ's table of contents a little more. a little tweak here and there and voila, it's purrrrfect!

i was trying really hard not to do so many things because i didn't want to step on other people. it's just that i get this feeling that i know i can do better than what has already been done and i just soooooo want this edition of EJ to be uber special... i guess sometimes i just get too loaded. i was actually afraid that i might hurt kuya rhyan's feelings. i mean i'm not saying his cover for the EJ wasn't good. it's just that it lacked the maturity (or immaturity) that i felt was the overall guide to the new look. we had to discard all of the signs of the old EJs and his cover reminded me of all the other EJs. it had to go.

so i made a new one. it was a corkboard and there was tape and everything. post it reminders and diskettes and polaroids of food that we like. anyways, they didn't really like it but i found a way for us to use it. it's going to be on page 3 (page 1 is the cover) where kuya erwin's message regarding the new look will appear.

also, i heard that ate phoebe was sort of making tampo because she felt like her powers were being underminded. in reality, all this layouting and image manipulation i'm doing is supposed to be her job as arts editor but since i have a laptop and the skills to do it, i took the job. i never meant to step on other people. i hope that's clear.

we went to the publishing house and everyone was peachy and fun (plastic?). we went home at mga 7 but not after we stood outside the pub house (no dirty thoughts!) for a good ten minutes just saying goodbye. i really felt bonded. i wasn't going to get my clearnance today because we were supposed to have a pictorial with dominic james on thursday and i wanted to have long-ish hair. but since everything got moved and my enrolment is on saturday, i'm considering getting my hair cut.

if i don't get it cut, i can't enrol or do anything for that matter. my enrolment is on saturday and my only chance for me to have long hair during enrolment is if i have someone else get my clearance. who's willing to do that? hmmm... who can i convince?

anyways, that was so last week. everything got sorted out. if you're wondering why my chronos is so fucked up, its because i stopped writing this post and now i'm back.

so this has been what's happening these past few days. on thursday and friday, we layouted stuff for the paper. it's really shaping up now. what was disappointing though, and i don't mean no disrespect, was that most of the articles were crap. i mean i didn't read the features articles yet but after reading several r&d artciles, i just wanted to wallow in all the crap... i've been editing articles all night and i just don't know if i'm stepping into any new feet again. aaargh! i swear i'm quitting EJ. i'm trying out for the varsitarian. though they too have crappy articles, at least it would look better on my resume! (if you're an EJ staffer and you're reading this, think of it as our little secret :D)

still a bit worried about kim, the EJ ghost. on my post above, i said i sat outside the door at 9:20. ryan called the office at 9 and a girl named kim answered the phone. creepy... not only was there i the first to get there at 9:20, the doors were locked and the aircon was closed. it was impossible for someone to be in there. creepy... really creepy...

we had enrolment this morning. i arrived at 7, hoping to be finished by about 8-ish so that i could go home and layout EJ. i finished at about 11 and i had to go to the dean's office. my horrors! i didn't have my hair cut. charisse got my clearance c/o a letter from my (air-quotes) "mother" and so i eradicated the need for a haircut. thankfully, father (roy) wasn't there and i wore a cap just to be safe.

ate debbie and i have been eating at this cool place in piy margal. wala lang, just felt like it needed mentioning.

i'm still a little scared of monds. i dunno. must be my fear of bald/semi-bald men who are taller than me. he's nice. seems nice, if ever he isn't. ate debbie told me how they met and i smiled (politely but smiled nonetheless). it was a cute story about forever living products that i don't think is interesting enough to bear mention here.

gawd... back to editing. i swear. i hope i don't violate any people. it's just that everything's so wrong! some errors are not grammatical in nature but they just have a weird way of writing things. i'm afraid to step into other people's shoes. i am. but i still do the things i do. gawd... can i just die now?

went to chapi and i bought amelie, this other french movie from the girl in amelie, mean girls (vvg!) and y tu mama to replace the copy that alpha lost. i figured i'd rather buy a new one than make him kulit about it. also bought alter bridge (creed with a new singer) and a special edition of my latest fave - keane. but it wasn't working so i probably need to go back ASAP.

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