Friday, October 29, 2004

<3s are broken everyday pt.1

i've been avoiding this. i know i've got to do it eventually though. i've been doing a lot of self-psychosis again and rethinking my whole standpoint of abortion. i used to be pro-choice because i figured a woman's liable for what she does to her body. but when you're in that situation... when you find your choices getting smaller and smaller as days go by... you don't think like a rational person anymore.

fast forward to about several days later. i'm back at home... my dad's here after about a year of in absentia. i miss him.

it's 8:45 am, and i just got back from aero. that boxer is an aero rockstar... woohoo! i decided to write down all the aero instructors for your reading pleasure

these guys go on shifts. the first group on certain days and the second every other day. this week, the duo is on mwf...

the duo:
the first dude is a guy who seriously needs a makeover. he's balding and probably's in his mid forties considering his looks are a flashback from the eighties. he enjoys cooling down and warming up but his exercise moves are out of beat and seriously cheesy. he likes wearing pek-pek shorts and saying mabuhay...

the second is a guy who i've nicknamed boxer. he is an aero-taebo rockstar! i love him! everybody does! he's so great at whipping up the group into shape. he's considerate and tells us what part to focus on. he likes chatting with the pervy woman who exaggerates her movements.

neither one of them can speak a decent english word...

the sexual preference trio:
the first guy looks like pabbles from church... this dark guy who sings in our church. he's a gay, pumped-up version of pabbles. before, i thought the girl was screaming woooohoooo but as i found out later on, it was him. he enjoys wearing that yellow sando that looks like it too was from the eighties. could it be that he and the balding guy share the same taste for cheesy clothes?

the second is a girl who's a bit masculine with her tattoos. she's pretty boring.

the third is a dike who i'm still not sure of. is he a he or is she a she? waaaaah!

i'm tired. i'll tell you all about the abortion post that got disconnected in a while...

ps. they bought a digital camera in duty free for under $100. it's cool...

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